Ride a dinosaur on the street

What’s so special about riding horses to work? It’s way cooler to ride the streets on a dinosaur bike!



For those who love Jurassic Park, dinosaurs and science fiction, riding a dinosaur down the street is definitely a cool thing to do. The skeleton of this t-rex bicycle looks very scientific and technical. It looks giant, and it’s a lot harder to ride than the average bike, but it has a more interesting function. You can even control the mouth of the dinosaur open or close with the handles.

This bike has the dinosaur skeleton size of a 12-year-old adult t-rex, which is why it’s called a t-rex bike. It is made of chromium-molybdenum steel, foam rubber and decorative coating, and the load capacity cannot exceed 90kg. The t-rex bike looks clunky, and you’d think it would be slow, but with a nine-speed transmission, it can reach a top speed of 24km/h, and the normal speed on the street is about 12km/h.

You’d be wrong if you thought it was so animated but with so few features. It’s a big, custom-made toy that can make you stand out in various parades. It even has supports attached to the pedals, which allows the user to use the pedals and the handles to work  the limbs and head of the dinosaur together, giving the illusion that the dinosaur is alive.



It is a reclining tricycle that measures 3.65 meters from top to tail, 1.67 meters in width and 41kg in weight, and has a seat 1.52 meters above the ground. You need to climb a ladder to get on. This is the closest you’ll ever get to ride a dinosaur, and even if the Jurassic Park were real, they wouldn’t be able to let you ride one down the street.

Who wouldn’t want to own a dinosaur bike like this? However, it seems difficult to order a custom-made dinosaur bike from an ordinary bike shop, and the materials are hard to find. It takes a lot of professional knowledge to build a body with a similar appearance to a dinosaur skeleton. This is very difficult for a small bicycle shop to do.