Return To Jurassic Dinosaur Exhibition

 Customers: shenyang Vanke Whistler Town

Time: May 6, 2012 to May 15, 2012


The 10-day dinosaurs exhibition of Shenyang Vanke Whistler Town, Taking You Back to Jurassic, brought enjoyment to visitors, and enjoyed strong commericial advertising functions at the same time. Our products were unveiled that exhibition, including the simulation dinosaur fossils, skeletons, animatronic T-rex, dinosaur rides, mammoth skeletons and other simulation animal models. By those lifelike dinosaur fossils and mammoth skeletons, the visitors enjoyed the charming of the prehistoric animals. Those dynamic simulation dinosaurs took visitors back to Jurassic Period, and explored the magic of Jurassic. The dinosaur rides let visitors experience the passion of conquering dinosaurs. The cooperation with the Shenyang Vanke Whistler Town, “Taking you back to Jurassic” dinosaurs exhibition, was very successful. Both sides are looking forward to future cooperation.