Where to Rent/Hire Realistic Dinosaur Costumes

Dinosaurs can turn any event into a massive success. You may have seen some realistic dinosaur costumes at the birthday parties, shopping malls, fairs or festivals. If you want to get one, you can turn to us, or you and rent or hire one too. We have compiled a list of companies which provide dinosaur costumes to hire based on the location:


  1. Dino4Hire

Based in the UK, Dino4Hire is an entertainment company which offers dinosaur costumes for hire in the Swansea and the South West area. Dino4Hire offers both large realistic walking dinosaurs and smaller interactive puppets depending on your requirements. They currently provide 5 dinosaurs which include two large walking dinosaurs Ronnie (Tyrannosaurus rex) and Spike (Spinosaurus). These lifelike dinosaur costumes can walk, roar and blink, and Spike’s eyes can also glow red. The other 3 dinosaurs are Chip (Velociraptor), Trixie (baby Triceratops), and Bradley(baby Brachiosaurus). If you’re looking to hire dinosaur costumes for a school event, Dino4Hire also offers comprehensive educational workshops which teach the children about dinosaurs in a fun and interactive way.

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  1. The Florida Dinosaur

If you’re based in Florida, Georgia or North/South Carolina and looking to hire a realistic dinosaur costume for your event, you can choose The Florida Dinosaur. Priscilla is a 12 feet tall, 5-year-old Tyrannosaurus rex based in Orlando, Florida. Handled by two puppeteers, Priscilla can open and close her mouth, blink her eyes, walk around and also produce an authentic roaring sound. She is popular in every event she attends and attracts a number of people to line up to take pictures with her. Priscilla is available to hire for all kinds of events, fairs, festivals, corporate events, and so on.

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  1. Zivy Dinosaurs

Born on Valentine’s Day, Valentine is a young 4 meters tall Tyrannosaurus rex dinosaur. This animatronics dinosaur can walk around, blink his eyes, operate his mouth and produce a roar. He loves people and will be a popular attraction for all the guests at your event.

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  1. Meet Pete Dinosaur Hire

Pete is a four-meter-long animatronics baby Tyrannosaurus rex dinosaur whom you can invite to make your event more exciting. He is operated by one person and can blink his eyes, move his mouth and roar like a real dinosaur. To make it more life-like and scary, Pete can also emit smoke from his nose and make his eyes glow red. He is popular among both the adults and children. Based in Kent, Pete is available to hire for private parties, corporate events, weddings, museums, schools, and conventions.

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  1. Hire Dinosaurs

Hire Dinosaurs provides both baby and grown animatronics dinosaurs for events but their most popular product is Rex the baby Tyrannosaurus rex. Based in the UK, Rex is around 8 feet tall, 3 feet wide, and 17 feet long. Rex can move his head and his eyes, blink and also swing his tail from side to side. He can also operate his mouth and give out a realistic roar. According to their website, Rex is the first dinosaur of his kind in the UK with real legs. In most animatronics dinosaurs, the operator’s legs are visible which can act as a cause of distraction. But Rex fixes that issue by hiding the operator’s legs and keeps the illusion intact. This feature makes Rex one of the most realistic animatronics dinosaurs out there. He is available to hire for corporate events, museums, shopping malls, fairs, festivals and themed parties.

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  1. Jurassic Xtreme

Located in Houston, Jurassic Xtreme provides realistic looking, walking animatronics dinosaur costumes for various events. They offer ten different types and sizes of dinosaurs. Some dinosaurs in this company are really popular like a female Spinosaurus called Remy, two Velociraptors called Riley and Razor, two Tyrannosaurus rex called Rocco and Rocket, a Triceratops called Ramsey, and a Dilphosaurus called Reese. All these dinosaurs are available in life-like sizes and operated by one person. They are usually around 7 feet in height and 12 feet in length. They can walk and run, swing their tails, move their heads, open and close their mouths, blink their eyes and look around and roar just like real dinosaurs of the Cretaceous Period. These friendly, carnivorous creatures can easily jazz up any event and make great additions to your guest list. You can book them for birthday parties, corporate events, private events, school events, festivals, store openings, parades and sporting events.

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Select the dinosaur costume which meets your requirements and turn your event into a memorable experience.