Realistic Dinosaur Costume for Various Events

A dinosaur costume is a full body suit that in a shape of a dinosaur which is operated by a puppeteer from the inside. Usually, a dinosaur costume requires one operator, but sometimes it may require two people depending on the genera if the one is a Triceratops with four feet on floor. The shape, skin, texture, and painting of the costume make it look like a real dinosaur.

Here are some events where you can make good use dinosaur costumes.

Birthday Parties

There’s absolutely no doubt that children love dinosaurs. It is great to celebrate your children’s birthday with a surprise visitor from the prehistoric times. It will give the children an opportunity to have a close touch with a “dinosaur”. And it is a valuable experience for children.

dinosaur costume for birthday party

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School Events

Dinosaur costumes can be used in school events as an interactive teaching method. This is a great way of making learning fun and inspiring the kids to learn more about these ancient animals.

dinosaur costume for school events

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Fairs and Festivals

In fairs and festivals, dinosaur costumes can attract more visitors to the event. Both children and adults will be happy to click pictures with these reptilian-like creatures.

Dinosaur Costume for Fairs and Festivals

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Corporate Events

A full-size dinosaur at a corporate event can draw attention to your products and promote your business.

Dinosaur Costume for Corporate Events

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Store Openings

It is a good idea to increase the footfall at your store opening with the presence of these prehistoric predators.

Dinosaur Costume for Store Openings

Dinosaur Costume for Store Openings >>


While dinosaurs may seem like an odd choice of entertainment for a wedding, it’s not that uncommon. These creatures from the Cretaceous Period can perk up any wedding celebrations.

Making good use of dinosaur costumes will turn your event into a massive success. Do you want to get one or hire one?