Qingdao Zhengda Damuzhi Square Dinosaur Exhibition

Customer: Qingdao Zhengda Damuzhi square

 Time: 3rd, August ,-17th, August

 August 3, Qingdao Zhengda Damuzhi square and the first musical beer Carnival opening,it is the focus of the island and leading the opening of carnival. There are series of wonderful activities in square ,the drinking beer and eating snacks ,superstark singing and so on . The most noticeable is the dinosaur exhibition show,it becomes the most important role of the opening ceremony.

 This dinosaur exhibition shows many special dinosaur models which are seen rarely by people,like pterodactyl model and maiasauramodel which increase citizens knowledge and understanding of dinosaur models.In addition, all the dinosaur fossil skeleton replica are copied from the oringial one, They has high value of appreciation and strengthening.This dinosaur exhibition not only shows  Zhengda Dazhimu Square intergrated with leisure city life and complex city life Square bringing the new pleasure to the citizens but also increase the knowledage of the dinosaur since.