Project Showcase-Zhengjia museum of natural Science

Located on the 6th floor of guangzhou zhengjia square, a national AAAA scenic spot, zhengjia museum of natural science is a new-type museum of natural science that combines education and entertainment with reference to international standards and concepts.

More than 1,000 exhibits, 20 interactive projects, and 8 themed exhibition areas are displayed in front of you. From the birth of the earth to the formation of life, from the demise of dinosaurs to the living things.


whale skeleton

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Let’s pass through the wormhole, and back to 4.6 billion years ago!

The fossil specimen of medusa ceratosaurus! The first original medusa ceratosaurus fossil collected in museums in China is displayed in the museum. — only 3 pieces of medusa in the world, and one of them is here, the most complete one!

AD-252 Realistic Life-sized Animated Dinosaur Styracosaurus


zhengjia dinosaur fossil replica


In addition to medusa, there are several dinosaur fossils! Tyrannosaurus rex hunting, hungry dizzy allosaurus, ready to attack the camarasaurus in front of the unexpected camarasaurus found, etc.


painting of dinsoaur skeleton


After the science tour, it’s time to get to interact with the dinosaur. It is trapped in the cave and keeps roaring when it gets close to it.


Restaurant wall decoration dinosaur head AD219
AD-219 Themed Restaurant Unique Decoration Wall Mounted T-Rex Head


The museum also introduces a large number of artistic means-the combination of scientific and technological means and inspiring design thinking.


Oviraptor Skeleton.1


Herrerasaurus skeleton 1


It is the first in the domestic natural science museum to try to use high-tech display methods and treasures such as AR technology, acoustic-optical integration, 3D scene interaction with a combination of the original fossils enables the viewer be curious about natural science, and to experience the wonderful journey of the museum.