Project showcase–Travelling Dinosaur exhibition in Turkey

Imaging dinosaurs roar right in your face, some appear immobile until you catch them moving from the corner of your eye. They even appear to breathe. Experience the sights and sounds of moving, breathing, walking Dinosaurs at the city plaza in Ankara.

The exhibit features life size ultra-realistic animatronic dinosaurs, over 40 life like dinosaurs in all with the rides and the skeletons. Some as big as a room — with skulls cast from genuine fossils, children can look at these creatures, learn about them and even ride a few.


travelling animatronic dinosaur exhibition

animtronic dinosaur show travelling

dinosaur group


Except animatronic dinosaurs, more than 20 life-size prehistoric dinosaur skeletons. Impressive display includes T-rex, Triceratops, Raptor, etc. Visitors can take tour back to Jurassic period, learn about how the climate changed when the dinosaurs were here and how the dinosaurs changed and evolved with it.

Discover the fun of prehistoric proportions!


lifesize dinosaur skeleton fossil replica

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