Project Showcase – Sweets Hotel

Have you ever seen a sweet-themed hotel? There are hotels in Japan with candy themes that you can’t help but notice. Giant chocolate candies, cheese biscuits, soft shell buns, etc., made of fiberglass line the hotel’s external walls. It seems as though you can detect their aroma!
Sweets Hotel 4


There are two distinct color schemes throughout the hotel, one of which is reminiscent of molten chocolate, and the other of which is bursting with pink. What’s your favorite?

Sweets Hotel

When you enter the hotel, you will be greeted by an animatronic talking candy tree, and the room will be packed with sweets. It’s like walking into a chocolate factory, and there’s even a chocolate bath! Look at all of the different candies!

Sweets Hotel 8

Animatronic Talking Candy Tree>>

Sweets Hotel 7

Giant Candy Props for Hotel>>

Sweets Hotel 1

All of these candies are created in our factory, My When the production is finished, glancing at these appealing candies appears to be real. Do you want to try something?

Sweets Hotel 6

If you have any suggestions for modifying hotel décor, please contact us and we will work together to make them a reality!