Project Showcase-Shunde Natural Science Museum

Want to unravel the mystery of the earth? Awaken the origin of life? Just come to Shunde Natural Science Museum!

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On July 11, the Shunde Natural Science Museum held an opening ceremony, and Shunde added a new landmark. The museum will start the trial operation today and is scheduled to be fully open to the public in August!

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On the basis of a batch of precious fossils collected in 2007, part of the realistic dinosaur model and fossil replicas are integrated. After one and a half years of planning, demonstration, construction, and exhibition, it has become a comprehensive collection, display, and science education. Exhibition hall.

There are more than 3,000 specimens of various types in the museum, of which there are abundant types of fossils and rock and gemstones. Introduced many popular exhibition methods to enhance the interactive and immersive experience of citizens and tourists

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At the same time, the storyline, also fully introduces from the Big Bang to the formation of the solar system, the formation of the earth, the formation of minerals, etc., including the origin of life and the entire process of biological evolution, creating an educational education for citizens, especially young people. A place for fun.

The mountains and valleys, the sea form the land, we can see the material circulation of the earth’s inner circle and the lithosphere.

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Learn about faults, folds, and other landforms, and interesting interactive devices allow you to intuitively understand the process of geological movement. Uncover the mystery of the earth’s minerals, appreciate the charm of gems and jade, and marvel at the extraordinary craftsmanship of nature for thousands of years.

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When was the earliest life born? Where did it originate? How does life evolve? What life has appeared on the earth? … Here will be announced for you one by one.

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From the emergence of life in the early Archean to the explosion of life in the Proterozoic Fungi, marine life, vertebrates…have appeared one after another.

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Shunde Natrual Science Museum7Life-size Realistic Animatronic Dinsoaurs

Dinosaurs, the largest creature that ever appeared on the earth, appeared in the Mesozoic Era. During this period, dinosaurs were almost all over the world, so it is also called the “Dinosaur Age.”

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Shunde Natrual Science Museum4.Prehistoric Creature Skeleton for Sale>>

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In Shunde Shunde Natural Science Museum there are fossils of large mammals, these fossils are real!

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Moveable with Sound Giant Animatronic Dinosaurs>>

All the animatronic dinosaurs and dinosaur skeleton replicas in Shunde Natural Science Museum are made by MyDinosaurs,

MyDinosaurs is a world leader in manufacturing animatronics and skeletons – animatronic dinosaurs/animals, dinosaur skeleton fossil replicas for museums, and theme parks. Our aim is to help promote awareness of prehistoric creatures by these interesting and interactive animatronic models and bring lots of fun to the kids and families. Contact us for further details!