Project Showcase – Prehistoric Beasts Travelling Museum Exhibit

When and where was it? What was life like here during the Ice Age? How do today’s animals compare to their extinct Ice Age relatives? This Prehistoric Beasts Travelling Museum tells the story of the Ice Age. This exhibit combines engaging interactive life-like animatronic Ice Age animals and exciting educational content. Visitors will learn about a wide variety of the Ice Age species and the adaptations that allowed them to survive. Step into the shoes of an early paleontologist to discover how fossils were unearthed and see examples of today’s cutting-edge technology.


Prehistoric Beasts Travelling Museum Exhibit 3

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Prehistoric Beasts Travelling Museum Exhibit 2

AA-066 Prehistoric Animal Life-Size Animatronic Glyptodon>>

Travel back in time to the Earth’s last Ice Age era, and enter the fascinating frosty world. It provides a rare opportunity for visitors to ‘Touch the Ice Age’.  The exhibit features majestic prehistoric animals and their places in geologic history. A wide variety of exciting activities inspire young learners to discover how, where, and when they roamed the earth.

This is an exciting and educational touring exhibition, where visitors can meet the amazing creatures of the megafauna during this period, such as the mammoths, saber-toothed tigers, hairy rhinos, and other prehistoric animals, as well as the early humans that lived among them. Its exciting interactive displays make the drama of the majestic animals that dominated the age accessible to all.

Prehistoric Beasts Travelling Museum Exhibit

AA-068 Customization Prehistoric Animals Mechanical Macrauchenia


Prehistoric Beasts Travelling Museum Exhibit 1

Using two full-scale dioramas, a series of interactive displays, and wall-mounted educational components, designed for regional museums, it enables the visitors to come and experience the Ice Age, to interact with authentic 500 million-year-old fossils!

Amazing traveling exhibition exclusively for prehistoric animals! It’s About Time, And, it’s available now!