Project Showcase-New Zealand Amusement Park

Amusement parks have always been an attractive place for families and friends to have a tour. In addition to exciting rides, there are many relaxing and interesting leisure projects.
In an amusement park in New Zealand, there is a log flume that attracts many viewers. A log flume is a watertight flume constructed to transport lumber and logs down mountainous terrain using flowing water. Here, you can travel through ancient forests and experience the wonders of caves.

New Zealand Amusement Park

Tree Man Animatronic >>

In the primeval forest, you can see the talking tree. Look, he is moving.

New Zealand Amusement Park 3

Talking Tree for Forest Park >>

Not only that but there is a lifelike phoenix flapping its wings. When the sun shines down, she seems to be glowing. Butterflies are resting on the tree next to them.

New Zealand Amusement Park 5

Phoenix Animatronic >>

Look, there is a huge black Western dragon on the roller coaster, which is so spectacular.

New Zealand Amusement Park 1

Fiberglass Flying Dragon Statue >>

Soon you will pass through the location of the unicorn family. They have different shapes, including adult unicorn parents and cute baby unicorns.

New Zealand Amusement Park 2

Unicorn Family Attractions >>

At the same time, a huge, three-headed dragon is looking at you from the waterfall.

New Zealand Amusement Park 4

Three-headed Animatronic >>

After entering the cave you can see more special landscapes. MyDinosaurs can customize a variety of different models. If you have any ideas for an amusement park, please feel free to contact us and let us realize it together.