Project Showcase-Natural History Museum

Amazing travel to prehistoric times! This museum may not be one of the most famous Moscow attractions, but the visit is absolutely well worth it!

With interesting paleontological collection that illustrates the world of ancient eras, this is an amazingly rich exhibit with displays that will knock your socks off.


amurozavr dinosaur

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dinosaur egg dinosaur baby

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Do you want to go back to the days of prehistory earth? We can do it! As a highly professional simulation model manufacture in China, we have a cooperation with the State Natural Museum in Russia, which is one of the largest museums of natural science and the first museum dedicated to biological evolution in the world.

In the showcase “Reptiles of the Cretaceous ”, our moving dinosaurs with high reduction degree attracted many young visitors’ attention. For those tourists, it’s not only a tour of natural history but also an educational class for them to know the prehistoric dinosaur better.


Protoceratops animatronic

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dinosaurs for museum

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Only to see the fossil remains may not satisfy the curiosity of dinosaur fans. Moving dinosaurs may take them back to the days of the dinosaur world more lively. To better show the charm of the dinosaur, our professional technician and installation team worked with the museum staff for a long time. Let’s unfold the exciting history of our planet with the most original and mysterious dinosaurs.