Project Showcase-Milan Fashion Week

Transforming the room into an authentic film set, with a giant T-Rex to roar over the heads of the guests. A giant, animatronic pink dinosaur on the runway flicking its tail at the front row, where is it? It is the ‘Jurassic Park’ themed collection in Milan for GCDS wear.


GCDS dinosaur




Pink Dinosaur

AD-251 Dinosaur Feathered Fashion Show Pink Animatronic T-REX>>


The ‘Jurassic Park’ with this full-sized moving dinosaur tie-in brought logo crop tops, T-shirts, ranger hats and knee-high neon boots, and presumably inspired the Army green sweatshirt and shorts that looked like they had been mauled by the reptile in the middle of the runway.

GCDS is known for its bold slogans and ironic graphics. The brand’s dinner in Milan was themed ‘Jurassic Park’ and presented a 10-course prehistoric meal full of dinosaurs and clashes of intense color which remind visitors of the 40-foot dinosaur that opened its jaw during the GCDS show earlier that night.



IMG 1112


When GCDS came to us for a life-size dinosaur, they were going to use the most realistic color. But the minute they saw those pictures of the shaping process, which is quite inspiring and they told us this is exactly what they want, then we have this incredible eye-catching creation that just fits their theme!