Project Showcase–Medieval-themed Mini Golf

Miniature golf, also known as minigolf, mini-putt, midget golf, crazy golf, or putt-putt, is an offshoot of the sport of golf focusing solely on the putting aspect of its parent game. If you are not a golf devotee, you may get bored after several rounds. That is where the themed golf course plays its magic.

In the Middle Ages, the dragon usually has leathery, bat-like wings, four legs, and a long, muscular prehensile tail. It was almost always associated with the devil and Satan, numerous stories portray the dragon as the bearer of evil, death, and misfortune, large, fire-breathing, scaly, horned, lizard-like. An evil dragon is often associated with a great hero who tries to slay it, and a good one is said to give support or wise advice, maybe that is why the kids are so fascinated with those legendary creatures.


Animatronic dragon

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animatronic dragon fire

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It is the legendary and mysterious creature–dragon that makes “Medieval Mini Golf” not just miniature golf, it is an adventure! Imagine a world of dragons and dungeons, western warriors and horses! A trip back in time to a magic castle, where knights in shining armor battle foes and gallop alongside you and your family to the victor’s circle. How intriguing!

Providing a safe, friendly, and fun atmosphere for the whole family is what they are always pursuing. 19 challenging holes, a range of fun and engaging activities designed to appeal to and engage, it features a 2000 square foot medieval-themed mini-golf course, complete with animated dragons, horse knights, and medieval characters.


animatronic Dragon tail

Eastern dragon VS Western dragon


mini golf dragon

Fire dragon with wings


It also features party rooms to rent for a child’s birthday party, a party planner for your event who will set up before, will conduct the activities, and clean up. They also have a large arcade that many games provide tickets to your game cards to trade in on-site for prizes.

The enchanted kingdom awaits for anyone courageous enough to embark on this magical quest that is fit for a King or Queen. So gear up, get going and get ready for a one-of-a-kind miniature golf experience.