Project Showcase-There are many USES for dinosaur skeletons

In the museum, a teacher is introducing the T-rex skeleton to her students. All of a sudden, the T-rex starts to roar, just like Night at the Museum. Is the dinosaur coming back to life?

The camera zoomed in on the museum’s air vent, which turned out to be the sound of a Mercedes AMG GLA43 doing a tire test.


trex skeleton life size


This is a life-size T-rex skeleton, spanning 10m from tail to snout, purely handmade but also meet museum quality. With a concealed steel frame, easy installation; external steel frame for museums and schools, more scientific and educational. Those authentic detail to the resin casts that faithfully preserve all features that dinosaur fossils can have. Moreover, it can be customized into any anatomically possible pose per as customers’ requirements for the different complexes. Contact MyDinosaurs for more information!


T rex Skeleton Sculpture

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Besides the T-rex skeleton which is the most famous one, what about others?

Look those dinosaur skeletons with unique style stepped out of Louis Vuitton store lined with duck green velvet. These legendary creatures from the Mesozoic era take on a whole new and more interesting aspect as if they are fully alive even in the showcase.

Mannequins are posed differently as if embarking on the most amazing and unknown journey of prehistory.


Showcase decoration golden dinosaur skeleton 6

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Last but not the least, the dinosaur skeleton for decorative purposes of a traveling dinosaur theme exhibition has been a favorite past-time for many people. The true is, it is very difficult to get a piece of real dinosaur fossil. But the good news is, the artificial dinosaur skeleton manufacturers offer the realistic collection of dinosaur skeleton as well as fossil models at pleasing rates that are a great addition to any parks, museums or even the living houses.


mammoth skeleton 1

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