Project Showcase-Jurassic World Parades

Our Client is an amusement planning company specializing in the rental of inflatable castles, artificial ice rinks, and party leisure companies. In 2022, they devised the Jurassic-themed event.

Jurassic World Parades 1

It is a parade of dinosaurs of all sizes, floats, and jeeps that is presented in the most authentic style of the Jurassic Park movie saga, with a level of realism that will surprise spectators of all ages. The spectacular Dinosaur Resurrection Show is brought to you by traveling dinosaurs who visit a number of locations in Their country.

The organization was responsible for the provision of each and every dinosaur that took part in the march, which was a contribution to the success of this spectacular display, What will you see in this event? it includes animatronic dinosaurs, dinosaur costumes, and dinosaur puppets.

1. Cute baby dinosaur hand puppet
The hand puppet controls the baby’s eye blinking and mouth opening and closing by hand and makes a sound while touching. Excellent for interacting with children. It is an excellent magnet for your dinosaur events and performances, as well as a gift for youngsters, various interactive activities, and so on.

Jurassic World Parades 5

Baby Dinosaur Hand Puppet >>

  2. Ferocious dinosaur costume
The dinosaur costume should be operated by an adult man; we can modify the size to your figure or build a standard size that most people can operate. The dinosaur outfit is ideal for interacting with people and youngsters during performances or activities. Bringing you a fantastic show.

Jurassic World Parades 6

Walking With Dinosaurs – Realistic Dinosaur Costume >>

  3. Realistic animatronic dinosaurs
The main products of are animatronic models and skeletons. The animatronic dinosaurs are composed of steel frames, sponges in various densities, and silicone. Their muscle lines and skin textures are cut and pressed by hand. The forms and lines are quite realistic and smooth. When the movements of various parts such as the eyes, mouth, body, and tail are combined, it appears that dinosaurs have been revived, delivering you a visual feast of pickles.

Jurassic World Parades 2

Animatronic Dinosaurs for Dinosaur Events>>

  The products from can not only be used for display in various theme parks, museums, and exhibitions, but also for decoration in various farms, zoos, hotels, and golf courses. Amusement park rental may also be your next business opportunity! Welcome to inquiry!