Project Showcase-Giant Butterfly in The Palazzo

The Palazzo Las Vegas, one of the most luxurious hotel and casino complexes in the world, is renowned for its opulence, grandeur, and attention to detail.

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Giant Flower Statue in Fiberglass for Shopping Mall >>

The Atrium at the Palazzo is an elegant retail complex in The Venetian Resort, featuring high-end clothing, bags, make-up, and gifts. Its centerpiece is a two-story waterfall framed by palm trees, rocks, and other lush landscaping.

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Working Process of the Giant Magnolias Statue in MyDinosaurs Factory >>

Making up the gigantic spring display are nearly 5,000 plant materials, including Bird Nest ferns, calindiva, hyacinth, daisies, echeverias, and bromeliads, all in vibrant oranges, lime greens, hot pinks, and yellows. In addition, more than 50 oversized, custom-made six- and four-foot magnolias and 25 butterflies surround the Waterfall and Atrium Gardens.

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Ginat Glass Butterflies for Decorations >>

We are the original factory that built the giant glass butterflies and giant fiberglass magnolia statues. From samples to mass production, we follow every detail of the design from the client. MyDinosaurs provides customization free of charge for all the customs. Welcome to get a quote for customization models (animatronics, statues, skeletons) now!

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Working Process of the Giant Glass Butterflies in MyDinosaurs Factory >>