Project Showcase–The Geological Museum of Hunan

On the afternoon of April 19, The Geological Museum of Hunan held an opening ceremony. It took 16 months to upgrade the whole museum with a brand new look!

This new dinosaur hall, dozens of Animatronic dinosaurs in life-size with the most realistic appearances, real dinosaur/animal fossil and museum dinosaur skeleton replicas lead the trend of scientific and cultural development with the new development concept of “popular science library, strong scientific research library” and distinct collection characteristics.


dinosaur skeleton museum exhibit


animal skeleton museum

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spinosaurus museum exhibit

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Founded in 1958, The Geological Museum of Hunan is one of the earliest provincial geological museums in China and the largest natural science museum in Hunan province. It features a collection of more than 20,000 specimens, an exhibition area of 7,100 square meters, six permanent exhibition halls, and now, more entertainment activities.


T rex museum exhibit

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dinosaur skeleton museum exhibition

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panda skeleton

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Be in this museum, the new hall takes you back to the age of dinosaurs, and learns what scientists believe resulted in dinosaur mass extinction! From the origin of the universe to the birth of the solar system, from the evolution of earth to human evolution. You will explore more mysteries of human existence than you can ever imagine through fun and educational activities.