Project Showcase–Dinosaur World in Morocco

Dinosaur World, a national dinosaur park in North Africa is a government project which includes realistic dinosaurs and animals, animatronic plants, walking dinosaur rides, and various dinosaur fossil replicas, a great attraction where you can learn all about these incredible creatures in an interactive, family-friendly environment.


animatronic maple leaf talking tree

Animatronic talking tree>>

Kiddie Mechanical Walking Dinosaur Ride

Animatronic dinosaur rides>>

The Park is an emotion and discovery park with a few experimentation components. It is positioned as an emotional, fun, and attractive facility, outdoor, which refers to the territory’s discovery and which will be enriched by ludo-educational spaces. On this adventure, visitors can explore and experience a dinosaur world, together with other attractions, informative material, and interactive activities.

With the huge Tyrannosaurus Rex sculpture peering out from the venue, more than 50 life-size dinosaurs are following. The dinosaurs ‘huddle’ in-group arrangements according to their species in beautiful green settings.


T rex

Animatronic life-size T-rex >>


After exploring the outdoor park and partaking in the unique photo opportunities on the grounds, make your way to the indoor exhibits. Children are especially delighted by their unique discoveries! The fossil dig brings lots of fun. There, the park’s experts and paleontologists give kids an opportunity to ask questions, handle artifacts, and learn about amazing prehistoric creatures during the show. A great setting for learning about fossils, eggs, and bones.


Complete T rex skeleton

Tyrannosaurus skeleton fossil replica>>

Another fantastic display shall be animatronic dinosaurs. They are housed indoors with sound effects and lighting. It was really fun walking through and seeing the different dinosaurs move with lifelike eeriness. These dinosaurs seem very real!


Project Showcase Dinosaur Club 10


Dinosaur World is a perfect adventure for families seeking lots of fresh air and interactive education. While the kids play and run about, they won’t even realize how much they are learning! Do not miss the perfect opportunity to be both entertained and educated.