Project Showcase-Dinosaur Water Playground

Causeway Point Dinosaur Water Playground, located in the heart of Woodlands, Singapore, provides an amazing attraction to enjoy on hot summer days.

Dinosaur Water Playground 1

The Causeway Point Water Playground promises to give children of all ages with hours of wet and wild fun. The playground is about 1000 square meters in size and includes a range of water play structures and activities. Children can run through flowing streams of water, be sprayed by water jets, and climb and slide down colorful water slides. Smaller slides and water sprinklers at a lower level will appeal to younger youngsters. Older children and teenagers can test their skills on the larger twin slides and race down the racing slides.

waterpark dinosaur equipment

Step into the realm of dinosaurs and go on an exciting and humorous adventure. This playground guarantees a wonderful time for kids of every age with its distinctive prehistoric theme and a variety of water features.

Dinosaur Water Playground 2

At the Adventure Volcano and Crater Zone, you can whiz down the two water slides. Leap over massive rocks that lead to a mist-spouting volcano.

Dinosaur Water Playground volcano 3

Young children can enjoy easy water play at the Dino Egg Tray. Water cascades through a series of “eggshells” with sensory play features such as spinning wheels and levers.

Dinosaur Water Playground 4

At the Fossil Spray and Toddler Dino Zone, run through the two-metre hollow dinosaur rib cage. The hollow dinosaur rib cage is a hallmark of this zone. A dinosaur bone suspended in the middle of the rib cage can be sat on by children.

Two adorable dinosaurs have just emerged from their eggs. A purple Pterodactyl perches on a rocky pillar above. A giant blue Sauropod emerges from the pond-shaped pattern on the rubberised floor, sprouting a jet of water. Kids can also run between its tail and body, where there are more spray jets.

Dinosaur Water Playground 5

Kids will have a great time splashing around the park’s many water features. When the sun goes down, the fun continues with the neon lights!

With Singapore’s sweltering weather, the Causeway Point Water Playground will be a pleasant respite for both shoppers and residents searching for a cool afternoon activity.

My Dinosaurs Production created all of the sculptures. Following production photos in the factory.

Whale ribcage skeleton 1
FDF-002 Water Park Equipment Fiberglass Ribcage

baby dinos statues

baby dino statues 2

FDF-008 Baby Dinosaur Statue>>

baby dino statues 1

FDF-016 Cartoon Dinosaur Statue>>

Should any of them interest you for a future project. Feel free to reach out.