Project Showcase-Dinosaur-themed Restaurant

This is the restaurant that anyone would rave about when the theme of dinosaurs is given to them! Jurassic Park themed Restaurant.

The curators of the restaurant have paid minute details while creating the restaurant. You enter the restaurant through large wooden gates, and there are huge model dinosaurs dotted around. Which, yeah, is very much like the films. The place has a life-size T-Rex skeleton, and along with it, there are figures of animatronic dinosaurs, they all help to pull a lot of people.

Dinosaur-themed Restaurant

Dinosaur Theme Restaurant Decorations Animatronic Dinosaur T-REX>>


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Jurassic Restaurant has its unique charms. There are pterodactyls hanging from the ceiling, a giant Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton that stands proud, and very much dead, in the middle of the dining room.

The food, so many of these themed places, is always secondary. But not here. The menu includes entrees, sweets, and drinks with prehistoric flair. The “Jurassic World Burger” is served on a black bun on a plate that looks like it’s been scratched by a dino. Insane but delicious! Dinosaur-enthusiasts (or not) will have their choice between three different entrees as well as desserts and drinks. You’re gonna have to check out all these creatures that the talented chefs created. The eatery will cover your cravings from burgers, meats, to delicious desserts.


jurassic world cafe

dinosaur ride for restaurant


During the day become immersed in a dinosaur-filled rain forest or venture upstairs through our Mayan temple to see real museum quality fossils from all over the world, handcrafted smoking volcano, and more of your favorite dinosaurs. The restaurant will open for a limited time, hoping to thrill food lovers with its unique and prehistoric-looking food.

So if you think you have a T-rex like an appetite, then you should definitely make plans to visit it!