Project Showcase–Dinosaur Themed Restaurant

Touching ouch freshly laid Dino eggs, getting hands on with real fossils or meeting one of our life size walking dinosaurs while you enjoy our exquisitely themed cuisine! The terrifying but intriguing creatures make the restaurant visit more fun. Along with the delicious food, people get an interesting ambiance when they are dining at the restaurant.


dinosaur theme restaurant

AD-261 Life Size Realistic Animatronic Dinosaur Paralititan


restaurant dinosaur

AD-248 Dinosaur Theme Restaurant Decorations Animatronic Dinosaur T-REX


The entrance is shaped like a T-Rex dinosaurs’ jaw, and the rest of the restaurant has 20 animatronic dinosaurs which make it more exciting. Stegosaurus , T-Rex, brachiosaurus, etc. This interactive attraction not only includes a full-service restaurant with life-sized animatronic dinosaurs, dinosaur skeletons and wide array of dinosaur eggs.


restaurant dinosaur theme

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dinosaur themed restaurant

AD-060 Animatronic Dinosaur Park Dubai Lifelike Triceratops Dinosaur for Sale


Experience a dinner with a roaring finale, after getting hands on with real fossils and eggs, meet dino babies and even a huge walking dinosaur. This is an experience for all ages, with entertainment to inspire the Dino hunter in everyone! Make sure to visit the where you can make your own dino friend!