Project showcase–Dinosaur theme park in Poland

More educational and entertaining than ever, DinoWorld in Poland brings together more than 40 real size dinosaurs, all awe guests with their lifelike size, thrilling sound, and exciting special effects.

On your way in dinosaur park, you will meet those moving dinosaurs in the most realistic appearance, which surrounded by beautiful greenery of the forest, will lead you through particular periods in the history of the earth.


Dinosaur park in Poland

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On the 1350 meter long didactic path you will see hundreds of millions of years ago. This is a great collection of information along with real-looking dinosaurs. Exhibits emit sounds, move their head, tail, eyelids, and even belly – imitating breathing!

Using the latest, advanced technology in the field of dinosaur section, animatronic figures of dinosaurs create special, realistic effects based on their smallest details such as body structure and muscle movements, in a way giving life into inanimate objects.


animatronic dinosaur in Poland


dinosaur fighting


dinosaur long neck poland

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Dinosaur training show is a performance in which the effects are so fantastic, and at the same time so real that it is an experience that simply can not be forgotten. Dinosaur training simulation is a real time travel.

Moreover, it is not only a dinosaur park, also an adventure park, a search area and games galore. Children and families can roar with happiness!