Project Showcase–Dinosaur Exhibition for Shopping Mall

How to bring more guests to the shopping mall during various holidays? Holding a dinosaur activity shall definitely attract more popularity, and the mall will be well-known after the activity.

It is proved to be an amazing promotional marketing method that can increase the marketing amount significantly like Dammam Mall.


Dinosaur Exhibition for Shopping Mall

AD-202 Science Museum Exhibition Life-Size Movable Animatronic Dinosaur Apatosaurus


Dinosaur Exhibition for Shopping Mall 1

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Dinosaur Exhibition for Shopping Mall2


Dinosaur Exhibition for Shopping Mall 3

AD-256 Animatronic Realistic Dinosaur T-Rex for Sale


The dinosaur landscape area is more than 500 square meters in the central area of the shopping mall. Certainly, in this shopping mall’s plaza, the various entrances, and other parts inside the mall will be decorated with other Jurassic theme dinosaurs. It featured with a Giant T-rex, which is about 20m. Also, other animatronic dinosaurs, Velociraptor, Triceratops, Megalosaurus, etc. Our installation team worked with their marketing team, let those monster creatures engage and excite visitors and customers throughout the season.

“It’s just amazing to have a giant dinosaur fossil in Dubai,” The CEO said, “It’s not just educational, but will make people imagine how the world was back then. The competition attracted more than 6,000 entries, we bring a Jurassic adventure to modern life in this shopping mall!” she adds.