Project Showcase-The dinosaur exhibition at mall in Northern Canada

It is the essential family outing!

This is not only a shopping mall, but they also have a truly amazing display of dinosaurs in Northern Canada featuring realistic scenes, enormous dinosaurs feature some of the world’s most unique and recently discovered dinosaurs, cute baby dinosaurs, optional stationary dinosaur ride and lots of fun activities.


shopping mall life size dinosaur 3

AD-060 Animatronic Dinosaur Park Lifelike Triceratops Dinosaur for Sale


shopping mall life size dinosaur 5


In this dinosaur adventure show, visitors travel the globe to discover dinosaurs living on each of the seven continents during the Age of Reptiles. One Animatronic dinosaur model is quite eye-catching, imaging 20 dinosaurs together in one shopping mall! Not enough? 15 Dinosaur skeletons and more real fossil replicas are waiting for you to explore. This amazing blend of science and innovation is truly for visitors of all ages.


shopping mall life size dinosaur

DS-151 Natural History Museum Replica Full-Sized Stegosaurus Fossil Skeleton


shopping mall life size dinosaur 1

shopping mall life size dinosaur 2


While experiencing scientifically accurate and exhilarating dinosaurs, visits to every continent in order to discover what dinosaurs lived there and how they arrived. Along the way, learn about tectonic plates, geological formations, the latest paleontological research, and interact with actual fossils and a dig pit. So not only are the dinosaurs within the exhibition fascinating and marketable but the educational materials are extremely topical and digestible.