Project Showcase – Dinosaur Club

From the Triassic to the Cretaceous, there is a creature that has always been fascinating, it is the dinosaur. Appeared in the Triassic period, reached its peak in the Jurassic period, and quickly became the overlord of the earth at that time…A variety of dinosaurs gathered together to form a fantasy world with various poses.

dinosaur world

Want to experience the secret adventures of Jurassic World? The dinosaur club that gathers fun, knowledge, and creativity is here!

Project Showcase Dinosaur Club

Dinosaur Club is a comprehensive parent-child experience center integrating dinosaur-themed restaurant, science, education and entertainment, technological interaction, and dinosaur-themed derivative product retail.

Project Showcase Dinosaur Club 1


  • Dinosaur Corridor

After entering the Dinosaur Club, after meeting with animatronic dinosaurs of Tyrannosaurus Rex, Paralititan… and then came to the Dinosaur corridor. Walkthrough the mysterious corridor, learn about the Top 10 dinosaur stars of China, and start a time journey with them.

Project Showcase Dinosaur Club 10

  • AR Telescope

The “magic telescope” can “resurrect” the predatory overlord of the late Cretaceous-Tyrannosaurus Rex, who lived 65 million years ago by observing the T-Rex skeleton! But be careful, this cruel overlord is not easy to provoke, dare to challenge the Tyrannosaurus?

dinosaur AR Telescope

  • VR experience game

Ride on the VR machine travel back to the world of the dinosaurs in one second. From this moment on, you will become a velociraptor, and experience all kinds of thrilling journeys, rainforest adventures, smooth running in plains and canyons, exploring the gorgeous life of mysterious caves, and harvesting the thrills of dark dense forests.

Project Showcase Dinosaur Club 9

  • Interactive game

There will be dinosaur heads floating on each continent. Stepping on the dinosaur heads will randomly pop up a three-dimensional picture of dinosaurs in the area. After being called out, the dinosaurs will walk and run randomly on the map, and then disappear. Do you think this is good for kids to learn about the dinosaurs from the interactive game?

Project Showcase Dinosaur Club 7

  • Dinosaur theme restaurant

From the restaurant environment to the dishes, dinosaur culture can be seen everywhere. The steam train contains two boxes, which is the best choice for dinosaur theme birthday parties!

Project Showcase Dinosaur Club 6

  • Excavation site

In the Dinosaur Club, there is a sand digging pond that kids love – the dinosaur excavation site! There is another mystery on the journey of exploring dinosaurs. What treasure is hidden in the secret sand pool? Dinosaur skeleton? Fossils of ancient creatures? Bring your own gadgets to the club to find out!

Project Showcase Dinosaur Club 4

  • Origin Cinema

How did life originate? There are many speculations and hypotheses on this issue, and there are many disputes. In the Origin Cinema, tell wonderful stories about the origin of life, biological evolution, and the extinction of dinosaurs, and feel the charm of the origin of life.

Project Showcase Dinosaur Club 3

  • Dinosaur Warrior Arena

There are large-scale climbing equipment, slides, and other projects here, which integrate amusement, sports, puzzles, fitness, and other functions. They are committed to cultivating children’s courage, wisdom, and collaboration. At the same time, they exercise and strengthen their bodies. The play area is “direct” to the dining area. Come and enjoy the dinosaur food when you are tired.

Project Showcase Dinosaur Club 2


Find more interesting places in the dinosaurs club, come to explore now!

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