Project Showcase: Wetland Centre Giant Insects

People never thought they would see an insect even bigger than a child. But this really did happen in the Wetland Center. They hold the big bug exhibition and became the official world record holder for the World’ s Largest Bug Hotel this year.

mydinosaurs animatronic insects

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This giant insect exhibition enables a whole new perspective of the physical structure of insects. Why do ladybugs congregate in winter? How often do cockroaches hatch? What causes insects to swarm? How far do butterflies travel in their lifetime?


mydinosaurs animatronic insects

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Holding a giant insect exhibition offers an up-close look at the intricate physical structures of insects and provides insight into the amazing features and characteristics of these tiny creatures. The science behind their mind-boggling behaviors will engage, surprise and educate guests of all ages.

mydinosaurs animatronic insects

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Kids come to experience a world where larger-than-life insects tower over people at 40 to 120 times their standard size. These fascinating critters are robots created by renowned MyDinosaurs. These fantastic robots travel all across the country to provide guests with educational entertainment they cannot get anywhere else.


mydinosaurs animatronic insects

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The insects range in size, some even as large as 20 feet long! You will experience everything from a Chinese praying mantis, to a colossal swallowtail caterpillar preparing for its transformation into a beautiful butterfly.

This innovative exhibition captures the most unusual and interesting aspects of the insect world in a comprehensive blend of technology, science and imagination. Complemented by the use of scenic displays, interpretive content, and interactive activities, those big bugs come alive.