Porject Showcase-Luxury Hotel Jurassic Farm and Adventure Trail

What’s the most exciting news for the kids this summer? Walking with the dinosaurs!

A luxury hotel in Ireland has created a Jurassic farm and adventure trail for their guests, you will enjoy these unique attractions during your stay.

Imagine waking up to the roar of dinosaurs in the morning, walking out of the room, and seeing all kinds of dinosaurs moving, as if you were in the Jurassic era, isn’t it amazing?

The good news is, the hotel has planned new dinosaurs recently, and a 40′ HQ container full of new animatronic dinosaurs, costumes, rides, and dinosaur fossils is heading to Ireland, you will explore and meet new friends this winter at the hotel!

Ireland dinosaur park

Giant size animatronic Dinosaurs – T-rex>>

Ireland dinosaur park 1

Ireland dinosaur park 2

Coin-operated Animatronic Dinosaur Kiddie Ride>>

Ireland dinosaur park 3

Life-size animatronic Dinosaur Brachiosaurus for Trail>>

Ireland dinosaur park 4

Outdoor Dinosaur Park Attraction Robotic Triceratops Model>>

Ireland dinosaur park 5

Jurassic World Exhibit Life-size mechanical Dinosaur Stegosaurus>>

Ireland dinosaur park 6

Dinosaur Hotel interactive decoration – Dinosaur Baby and Egg>>