Porject Showcase-Experience An Incredible Exhibit in Aquarium

The Aquarium in Florida has opened a new immersive celebration called Dolphintopia that will transport guests to a summer of peace, love, and dolphins.

Experience An Incredible Exhibit in Aquarium 1

Families are invited to celebrate the facts and fiction of these marine mammals, including their intimate connection with humans throughout history.

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Dolphintopia includes dolphin art installations and activities, interactive shows exploring the connection between humans and dolphins, and Instagrammable photo opportunities.

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Through a variety of exhibits, artifacts, and models, visitors will learn all about these creatures as well as engage with educational models. How big is an Orca? How deep can they dive? How do they eat, and how much can they eat? Guests will learn all about the physiological attributes of living in the deepest darkest place on Earth as well as the weird things these creatures do to survive.

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Exhibits are all designed to keep the little ones engaged while providing a wealth of intriguing information for those eager to learn and understand. Exhibits and displays are designed to ultimately educate the guest on the conservation of these very special and unique species.

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All the realistic animal decorations in this exhibition are produced by MyDinosaurs, welcome to contact us for more information on the customization service.

Anatomical dolphin statue 1

Life-size Anatomical Dolphin Statue >>

Orca Statue 6

Wall-Mounted Orca Statue >>

River Dolphin Statue 1
FDF-112 River Dolphin Statue