Parasaurolophus is a genus ofornithopod dinosaur that lived in what is now North Americaduring the Late Cretaceous Period, about 76.5–74.5 million years ago. It was a herbivore that walked both as a bipedand a quadruped.

Parasaurolophus was a hadrosaurid, part of a diverse familyof Cretaceous dinosaurs known for their range of bizarre head adornments. This genus is known for its large, elaborate cranial crest, which at its largest forms a long curved tube projecting upwards and back from the skull.

More Information

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Fact file

  • Pronounced: pa-ra-saw-ROL-off-us
  • Meaning of name: like ‘Saurolophus’
  • Length: 11m
  • Weight: 3500kg
  • Teeth: beak and toothed jaws
  • Diet: herbivorous
  • Food: pine needles, tree leaves
  • How it moved: on 2 or 4 legs
  • When it lived: Late Cretaceous
    (76 – 74 million years ago)
  • Found in: Canada, USA

Taxonomic details

  • Taxonomy: Dinosauria, Ornithischia, Genasauria, Cerapoda, Ornithopoda, Euornithopoda, Iguanadontia, Euiguanadontia, Dryomorpha, Ankylopollexia, Iguanodontoidea, Hadrosauridae, Euhadrosauria, Lambeosaurinae, Parasaurolophus
  • Named by: Parks (1922)
  • Type species: walkeri