The Quaternary Great Ice Age ushered in a small wave of cold climax about 13,000 years ago, after which the temperature began to slowly rise. However, many animals have not been able to survive this period, especially those large mammals weighing more than 50 kilograms, it is a pity that they went extinct before spring, […]

Last time, we’ve discussed the application of dinosaur/animal skeletons. As the most experienced and professional dinosaur skeletons manufacturer in China, My Dino Production provides diversities for the usage of dinosaur skeletons. Let’s keep on exploring the various usages of the skeletons. In addition to the places mentioned last time, what other places can display the […]

In most countries, New Year’s Day may begin at the moment the bell strikes at midnight on January 1, but the celebrations undertaken to usher in the new year at different corners of the globe couldn’t be more unique. Let’s take a look at the customs in different countries. 1. Spain: Eating Grapes For Good Luck In […]

We all know that many existing animals, including human beings, have undergone tens of thousands of years of evolution and change, and now they look very different from their ancestors. For example, the ancestors of the present age of birds and dinosaurs; elephants, and their ancient relatives – mammoths. Recently, the artist Roman Uchytel has […]

Nanyang Dinosaur Egg Fossil Group is a national nature reserve located in Xixia, Neixiang, Xichuan, and Zhenping counties at the southern foot of Funiu Mountain, Nanyang City, Henan Province. The nature reserve covers an area of 78,015 hectares. The main object of protection is dinosaur egg fossils. There are 8 families, 12 genera, and 25 […]

“Trick or Treat” is what we often hear on Halloween—Children carried pumpkins, dressed in fancy clothes, and went from door to door asking for sweets. Pop Art Candy Sculpture GiantCandy Lollipop>> Not only children, but adults dress up as all kinds of monsters, pirates, alien visitors, witches, and so on. Party Props Dinosaur CostumeAdults Realistic>> […]

At some point in your parenthood, you’re going to have a dinosaur-obsessed kid, even if right now they’re into cars or princesses. You’ve read the books, seen the shows, and bought the toys. Now blow their minds and take them to some of the coolest dinosaur spots — dinosaur theme restaurant. A field trip to sites featuring […]

As a near-universal rule, kids love dinosaurs — if you weren’t obsessed with dinosaurs as a kid, you almost definitely know someone who was. Before the emergence of human beings, dinosaurs were once the overlords on the earth, and they have lived on the earth for nearly 200 million years. Of course, dinosaurs did not evolve into intelligent creatures, so there […]

Although dinosaurs lived many millions of years ago, we know that they existed because some of them turned into fossils when they died. When you see the skeleton of an animal that died millions of years ago—from a small fish to a huge dinosaur—you may wonder how the bones that make up the skeleton lasted […]

Palooza Land is the first amusement and theme park in Morocco!! Enter the Prehistoric world as if you were living in Dinosaur’s time! With a playful circuit and attractions, enjoy a pleasant family day of discovery and fun! The land park with five distinct sections: Dino World, Fantastic World, Play World, Water World, and Show […]