Have an Outdoor Dinosaur Dig Excavation Activity in a Dinosaur Park

These days technology has captured the attention of kids which is hardly giving them any time to do other activities. In these times, it is important to have kids go out and do activities that let the kids mix with their parents since technology has taken all the time away from them.

Playing outside or doing activities outside has their own perks, now there are many things that can be organised during the vacations. For example, going to a dinosaur themed park to dig out dinosaur skeletons from sand or man-made pits has many different benefits.

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As the organizer of a dinosaur digging activity, you can get extensively creative with the types of bones you hide, with the different dinosaurs you can try and also if you have more area you can try out a whole animal together. Kids with get excited when they find these kind of things so it is natural they would love to do these activities.

Dinosaur Bone Digging: This can be simply considered a fun activity but it revolves around many scientific methods and activities too. One can learn about several different types of dinosaurs, bones, rocks and other parts by doing these kinds of activities with their families or friends. Group activity is also a learning part in this kind of excavation project. Kids have to slowly remove the stones from the sand and then the bones are to be carefully removed so that they don’t break. It is important to include these bones in a scattered way all throughout the area so that their joy doesn’t fade out very soon. So much information will be gathered during the activities it is essential to be involved in them fully.

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Dinosaur Dig Excavation Activity >>

In these activities one can find dinosaur bones hidden inside sand covered backyard or front yards or in the sand dunes. These are mainly organised during the parties held for kids. Several set of bones are required to be made for making a whole dinosaur like T-Rex. One can easily divide the skeleton into several parts and then bury them in a scattered way around the area. In this case, the different parts are:

  • Tail vertebrae bottom
  • Skull Topside
  • Left leg bones
  • Left arm
  • Right arm
  • Tail vertebrae top
  • Hip Bones
  • Right leg bones
  • Back vertebrae
  • Ribs left
  • Ribs right
  • Neck Vertebrae
  • Lower Jaw
  • And More …

Tips: There are some artificial dinosaur manufacturer such as My Dinosaurs which offers great props for the dinosaur dig excavation props. Learn more about the dinosaur skeletons and fossils from My Dinosaurs.

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Dinosaur Dig Excavation Activity >>

Objectives for Excavation Activities:

  • Correct Spot: You need to select a correct spot in the park for doing the activity. If it is during summer, it is natural the heat is going to be scorching and thus you need to be careful with the sun. You need to carefully clean the area for any insects or other harmful items and make it suitable for the dig to be organised.
  • Clues are Important: One has to fix the clues together that are provided to them find the final answer. One will have to match several clues like the number of legs or limbs or the bones in their tails to find the perfect match. The clues have to be simple and straight so that the kids have no issue while trying to understand them.
  • Involve Family: It is an activity that the kids cannot do alone since they need help while digging or even finding the proper clues, so including parents or elders is a great idea. Another benefit would be that it would be a great option for family bonding. Keeping the phones away for a while and just having fun with parents digging something unbelievable.
  • There will be Dirt: It is going to be an outdoor event and thus it is important to remember that things will get dirty and messed up. As a player, worrying about your clothes or hands or legs is not an option. You need to let go of any worry you might have and fully indulge into the activity to actually have fun with your kids. But it is also important to note that if your kids are allergic to any kind of outer material then you must keep them away from it.

This is essential to remember that these activities are majorly for teaching the kids about new and old things, family bonding and some time away from technology. So keeping in mind that it is entirely needed to properly organise everything and then further work on the processes. Choosing a good day for the dig is important since not much heat can be tackled by kids.

Follow the above given rules, methods and other important information to have a great excavation day with your kids. You can do this during the summer vacation to have the most out of the day! Make sure to enjoy the fullest with your kids while you do the research.