New Dinosaur Theme Park in Zigong – Fangte Dino Kingdom

Fantawild Holdings, a leading one-stop solution provider in the theme park industry, has opened its latest tourist destination in Sichuan, China – Zigong Fangte Dino Kingdom.

Fangte Dino Kingdom6

The new theme park is heavily themed around dinosaurs and ancient Shu culture, supported by Fantawild’s creativity and technology to bring the past to life. The firm has used advanced technology including AR, VR, and giant and spherical screens to enable guests to explore and be immersed in the environments created for the park. Guests can visit Volcano Valley or explore ancient jungles and marshes seeking excitement and thrills in this fantastic pre-historic world.

Fangte Dino Kingdom

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It consists of 5 themed areas based around various habitats and climates in which dinosaurs once lived. The attractions themselves mostly follow these themes. The new park features four major dark rides: Dinosaur Crisis is a 3D multimedia motion-based car ride, where a superhero joins riders to solve a certain crisis. Mystic River is a free-floating boat ride through the jungle in which encounters with dinosaurs are inevitable. Jungle Guardian is an interactive train ride where riders need to prove that they are true guardians of the jungle. And finally: the Centre of the Earth Adventure takes riders through an underground journey.

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On top of the four dark rides, the park will also contain a Flying, a flying theatre, and a revolving theatre called Boonie Bears: Return to Jurassic, based on the successful Boonie Bears animated series.

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The Jurassic Journey takes place in a 4D circular-vision theatre. Guests are sat on a rotating platform, following famous characters from the animated Boonie Bears series, traveling back in time to the age of the dinosaurs. The park has already received positive feedback, such as that from Mr. Huang, a recent guest: “Kids loved the Boonie Bears elements of the show. It has beautiful graphics and a touching story, suitable to watch with your family.”

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Visitors can soar in the blue sky with pterosaurs and overlook the prehistoric earth scenery and magnificent scenery; It is also possible to go deep into the mysterious river valley and get up close and personal with dinosaurs; You can also explore the underground world and feel the ancient Shu civilization.

Fangte Dino Kingdom3

Another draw for visitors, Bronze Legends is a holographic image show which uses cutting-edge technology to transport visitors to the ancient Shu Kingdom. The edutainment experience recreates the tale of a king fighting against a flood while examining legends about this mysterious land and period.

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Suspended roller coaster Fire Mountain has been supplied by Vekoma Rides, with Fantawild constructing two underground tunnels with a total length of almost 40 meters. The ride has been designed to replicate the sensation of swooping through the sky and under the earth while experiencing pops of zero gravity.

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Going to the Fantawild Dino Kingdom is like stepping into the pre-historic era. The park provides a one-stop, high-quality tourist destination with unique experiences, attractions, and performances. The new park is expected to become a very popular tourist destination, not just in the city of Zigong but for the whole of Sichuan province. This will greatly boost the development of the local tourism and entertainment industry.