You Never know the Difference of Jurassic Parks in Universal Studios

How many Universal Studios Theme Parks in the world?

Universal Studios, which is owned by Comcast, is an entertainment company that operates exciting theme parks around the world. They’re located in Los Angeles, Orlando, Singapore, and Osaka, Japan, and they’re famous for their animatronic dinosaurs Jurassic Parks.

Yes, these resorts all have spectacular rides based on the beloved “Jurassic Park” and “Jurassic World” franchises. Thus, they’re paradises for fans of animatronic dinosaurs’ theme parks.

If you don’t mind lifelike animatronic dinosaurs chomping at you — and you don’t mind getting a little wet — you’re sure to love these attractions.


Do you know the differences between every Jurassic Parks in Universal Studios?

In 1996, Universal Studios Hollywood opened the first-ever “Jurassic Park” attraction. It was a boat cruise that took guests through the amusement park from the 1993 movie. Peaceful scenes of robotic dinosaurs gave way to the horror of dinos on the loose, and the ride climaxed with a thrilling drop.

In 2019, this ride reopened as a “Jurassic World” ride, displaying new sets, new special effects, and new dinosaurs. The drop is still terrifying, though.


Universal Studios Theme Parts dinosaur
At Islands of Adventure, a Universal park in Orlando that opened in 1999, guests can tour a large recreation of Jurassic Park, one filled with lush greenery. It contains a replica of the original Hollywood ride, several restaurants, gift shops, a slow-flying ride that yields scenic views, a children’s playground, and a museum.


universal dinosaur animatronc
In 2001, Universal Studios Japan began delighting guests. This park has a Jurassic Park section with the classic boat ride and a few fast-food eateries.


Universal Studios Japan dinosaur


Universal Studios Singapore, meanwhile, premiered in 2011. Among its thrills is the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure. Instead of a boat, riders board a round raft, which spins and dips through a churning river.


Universal Studios Singapore dinosaur


Finally, when the Universal Beijing Resort opens in 2021, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in Jurassic World Isla Nublar. There, you’ll take in a scary dark ride — no water this time — and explore restaurants and gardens.

Universal Beijing Resort dinosaur


Therefore, no matter which Universal property you visit, you can count on seeing amazing dinosaurs in the flesh. Highlights include the spitting Dilophosaurus, the adorable Parasaur that pops its head out of the river, and the vicious T-Rex that lunges at guests from above.

There are also life-size raptors (employees in costumes) that walk around the animatronic dinosaurs’ theme parks, interacting with tourists and posing for pictures.


Where can you know and get animatronic dinosaurs likes that in Universal Studio Jurassic Parks

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