Nearly Complete Dinosaur Fossil Found in China

In the Oct of last year, a prehistoric piece was discovered at a road construction site in the Longchang City of Southwest China, which was confirmed to be a dinosaur fossil of about 160 million years old. How was the fossil discovered? When a worker was cutting a stone lab, they found that the stone bottom contained fossils which were suspected of containing fossils of ancient creatures.

Nearly Complete Dinosaur Fossil Found in China 2

The fossil, which dates back 160-million-year-old, nearly complete, has been confirmed that this is a relatively well-preserved small-medium-sized (estimated to have been about 10 meters long) sauropod dinosaur.

Nearly Complete Dinosaur Fossil Found in China 3

Although the dinosaur was not very big, its vertebral air cavity structure is very developed, the cervical vertebrae are short, and the coccyx vertebrae are short and thick. It differed greatly from the large sauropods – Mamenchisaurus which have been widely found in Sichuan. It can be a new species of sauropods which was relatively rare in China.

Nearly Complete Dinosaur Fossil Found in China

Part of the cervical vertebrae, caudal vertebrae, and hindlimb bones have been taken out with the stone. At present, Part of the dorsal vertebrae, shoulder girdle, forelimbs, belts, hindlimb bones, and tail vertebrae impressions still remain on the construction site.

Experts believe it can be of great scientific value for the study of systematic evolution, biodiversity, paleogeographic patterns, and palaeoenvironmental changes in the Jurassic period.

As a professional dinosaur skeleton manufacturer, it’s an honor to be invited to visit the site and study the fossil knowledge by observing the shape of real fossils.

Nearly Complete Dinosaur Fossil Found in China 1

The unearth work and research are still going on, to be continued.