My Dinosaurs First Show on RAAPA Moscow

It’s our first time to attend the RAAPA exhibition show in Moscow, Russia. As the largest amusement and attraction show in Russia, it has been providing its full support to the national amusement industry development during the past 20 years. It gathers the specialists of amusement parks, water parks, family entertainment centers, and other amusement industry enterprises, etc.

My dinosaurs RAAPA show

It is absolutely an extraordinary show for us, we were so happy to meet our old clients and more excited about making new friends there. Large amount of potential clients came to our booth and paid their compliments on our innovative amusement models.

Our newly-hatched baby dinosaur became the super star of the hall. Visitors were all attracted by the baby when they passing by. Let’s look for the answers through the following photos. What makes it so popular? The cute appearance? Childish blinking eyes? Mini size? (Oh, this cute little baby) Let’s review those happy and laughing moments!

Carnotaurus hand puppet

Baby Dinosaur Hand Puppet >>

baby dinosaur hand puppet 1

Baby Dinosaur Hand Puppet >>

baby dinosaur hand puppet

Baby Dinosaur Hand Puppet >>

As the educational and ornamental model – smilodon fossil skeleton was taken to the show. Most of the children were curious and wondering what a smilodon actually looks like. So we showed them the ‘real’ moving smilodon model we made before, of course, it is stunningly amazing!

smilodon skeleton

Prehistoric Animal Skeleton Replica – Life Size Smilodon Skeleton >>

Our dinosaur king was lying on the rock, no more standing. The special posture made the T-rex looks tame and not so fierce. Children were not afraid of it anymore. Kids were surrounding the Animatronic T-rex ride, and can’t wait to be the dinosaur knight.

Animatronic dinosaur T-REX

Customized Animatronic T-Rex Ride for Sale >>

Many clients have their own designs and search for the customization service on the show. And we are able to create unique one, all the size, posture and color can be tailored according to clients’ multiple requirements.


We spent a fascinating time on the show.
See you next year.