How to motivate children’s interest in dinosaurs

At one point or another, almost like a rite of passage, a child becomes obsessed with dinosaurs. Maybe they watched a television show or movie about them, maybe they were taken to a museum where dinosaur bones were on display; whatever started their love for them, there are benefits to fueling your child’s interest in these prehistoric creatures.


Dinosaur obsession indicate your child’s intelligence

According to a study carried out by the University of Indiana and Wisconsin, a child who shows an intense fascination with dinosaurs is more likely to be advanced, and these children do better later in life. This interest adds knowledge to their already inquiring minds, increases their desire to learn new things, and improves their complex thinking skills.


Dinosaur obsession


This obsession typically begins between the ages of two and six, but only 20% of children remain interested in dinosaurs by the time they start attending school, replacing their passion with other things. To encourage and support their extended interest, try not to push it on your child, and allow them to find the passion for dinosaurs on their own.


Top 5 ways to motivate your Children in dinosaurs with Dinosaur puppet, Dinosaur skeleton, etc

To keep this passion alive, stimulate your child’s mind with books, movies, museums, and even dinosaur toys for kids that are linked to their interests.

  • Books of dinosaurs: Whether you take a trip to the library or browse for books online, there is an endless amount of them at your disposal. The Dinosaur Book by DK is a great introductory book into all things dino related that your kid will love. Featuring more than 1,000 photos and fascinating facts, your child will marvel at all the new things they will learn about their favorite dinosaurs. National Geographic’s Little Kids First Big Book of Dinosaurs is perfect for the younger kids who are just discovering their fascination. They will love the interactivity included on each page.


Books of dinosaurs


  • Dinosaur toys for kids: You can never go wrong with toys. Children’s toys spark a certain light in one’s imagination and My Dinosaurs is one place that’s happy to encourage playtime. They sell realistic baby dinosaur puppet that is completely customizable. With abilities like hand control, eye movement, and choice of roaring sounds, this puppet is sure to please. If you’ve ever been to a museum, you’ve probably seen the dinosaur fossils and models throughout. Why not take home a replica? My Dinosaurs also have dinosaur skeletons for sale that your child will love putting together and displaying proudly in their room.


Dinosaur toys for kids


  • Dinosaur Movies for Kids: Of course, you’ve probably already watched Jurassic Park 100 times with your kiddo, but did you know there are also documentaries about dinosaurs? Jam packed with facts; these docs are a new learning experience for any dino enthusiast. Nature: Raising the Dinosaur Giant and Dinosaurs Decoded are just a couple that provides children and adults alike with interesting tidbits and facts.


Dinosaur Movies for Kids


Have a happy and warm moment with your kids in dinosaur theme

One of the best parts of being a parent is learning things through your child’s eyes. Whatever their current fascination might be, take the time to encourage it. Ask your child about the dinosaur facts they know, help them build a dinosaur skeleton, take them to the museum, or read with them. A child’s desire to explore new things starts with their parents’ love of watching them learn.