Monstrous Swamp-Dwellers: Deinosuchus

It is easier to find more details about Deinosuchus once you have come across the team from Animatronic Animals. This mighty beast used to live 145 million years ago and was known for the bigger size and great strength. The banana-sized teeth were enough to crush bones with just a single bite. Even the bigger dinosaurs used to fear these swamp-filling experts. The earlier additional fragments of this animal were found in the 1940s and were later taken to the American Museum of Natural History for further study.

The mighty extinct crocodilian, Deinosuchus, was a masterpiece of its own. Its name translates to “terror crocodile” and for good reasons. These giant swamp-dwellers reached easily up to 30 feet and used to weigh around 8000 pounds! These monstrous beasts were known to deliver bone-crushing bites with teeth, as big as bananas!

Even to this date, you can visit museums to check out their giant fossils all by yourself. These fossils and bones are enough to show why these creatures were fearsome and some details about their reigns over swamps of the Late Cretaceous North America. You could find some samples of such beasts from Animatronic Animals producer as well.


When and where they lived?

Deinosuchus is also known to be the crocodilian’s extinct genus, which is more or less related to a modernized alligator. It used to live around 73 to 82 million years ago, especially during the Cretaceous period. To be exact, they used to use 145 million years ago, which is probably a huge time before.
The added fragments of this beast were discovered in 1940. Later it was made to the American Museum of Natural History. Even to this date, there are so many unknowns about this swamp monster. However, recently, better skull material was discovered for further study.


Deinosuchus live


Why were Deinosuchus considered dangerous?

There were potential proofs available on how dangerous Deinosuchus was, and they came from the Albertosaurus and Appalachiosaurus fossils. These specimens bore tooth marks, which were pretty similar to this swamp monster. One of those teeth marks even showcases some healing signs. It clearly portrays that Deinosuchus used to take on living tyrannosaurs, which were thought to be the apex predators of late Cretaceous North America.


Deinosuchus size


Deinosuchus used to take down bigger dinosaurs from underwater. Even the biggest of mammals at that time used to maintain distance from this swamp beast. So, it is clearly proven why these swamp dwellers were considered quite dangerous.


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animatronic deinosuchus

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