Megalodon (/ˈmɛɡəloʊˌdɒn/ meg-ə-lə-don, /ˈmeɪɡə-/ may-gə-; meaning “big tooth”, from Ancient Greek: μέγας (megas) “big, mighty” and ὀδoύς (odoús), “tooth”—whose stem is odont-, as seen in the genitive case form ὀδόντος, odóntos)[1] is an extinct species of shark that lived approximately 23 to 2.6 million years ago, during the Cenozoic Era (early Miocene[2] to end of Pliocene[3]).

The taxonomic assignment of C. megalodon has been debated for nearly a century, and is still under dispute.

More Information

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    • Scientific name: Carcharodon megalodon
    • Class: Chondrichthyes
    • Family: Lamnidae or †Otodontidae
    • Rank: Species
    • Phylum: Chordata
    • Did you know: Megalodon hunted large and medium-sized whales, attacking the bony areas, such as chest, fins, or tail.