Meet the Sea Monsters with Your Own Eyes

Do you know any sea monsters like dinosaur lives in the ocean?

These are creatures that we would most likely consider to be sea monsters. There have been stories and movies depicting massive sea serpents and dragons. The horrifying monsters are said to have terrorized sailors and took down ships. These mystic creatures have been the subject of science fiction and folklore. However, crocodile-like sea monster skeletons were recently discovered in the Australian Alps.

The existence of prehistoric marine reptiles is a fact. Today you can take a look at sea dinosaurs models close up. The Australian National Maritime Museum showcases exhibits and features the Sea Monsters 3D film, Sea Monsters 3D – A Prehistoric Adventure. The fossil displays represent actual sea monsters that were unearthed along the southwestern coast of Africa near Angola. Giant sea turtles, Mosasaurs, and Plesiosaurs once thrived in that region. In an exhibit featuring these dinosaurs, you can explore fossils on the cliffs of Angola. You can also experience diving into Angola’s ocean waters and learn what shaped marine life from prehistory until today.

Animatronic Mosasaurus

Monster of the Sea exhibition props – Life-sized Animatronic Mosasaurus >>

You can touch the mosasaurs shell-crushing teeth and take a selfie with a gigantic mosasaur with its jaws wide open. The exhibits spinner interactive allows visitors to compare the prehistoric ocean ecosystem of Angola to what exists today. The reconstructed fossil of the enormous predatory mosasaur is 23 feet long. There is also a fossil of the oldest sea turtle species of the South Atlantic. On the first floor of the museum, there is a temporary exhibit titled, Narwhal: Revealing an Arctic Legend. The Narwhal is considered to be the unicorn of the sea. This creature is known for its single spiral tusk.


Do you want to see those sea monsters including giant dinosaurs with your own eyes? Come to the sea monster museum.

There are museums and conventions throughout the world that make it possible for people to experience the immense size and wonder of prehistoric sea monsters. Some exhibits are even constructed with animatronics that allows the model to move and appear more realistic. Methods to create models of sea dinosaurs vary.


Fossil Bone Reassembly

The reassembly of fossil skeleton bone is one method used to make exhibits. Provided there are enough fossil remains for reassembly, a museum may be able to display complete fossilized sea monster skeletons.


Fossil Bone Reassembly


Man-made Sea Monster Skeletons

In some cases skeleton models are man-made. In the instance of the sea monster skull fossil located at the Manitoba Museum, a 3-D model had to be created because the original specimen was crushed flat during the process of fossilization.


Man made Sea Monster Skeletons


Sea Monster Costumes

Sea monster costumes are made that can be worn by humans. At some events, costumes are worn depicting sea monsters. This is often the case with conventions or traveling exhibitions.


Sea Monster Costumes


Ways help you meet lifelike sea monsters in life.

Customed animatronic products are one of the most impressive and interactive ways that prehistoric sea creatures are depicted. “Monsters Of The Sea” is one of many animatronic exhibitions of sea monsters. These exhibitions include models that are complete with movement and sound. These models offer a very realistic and thrilling experience of what it is like to be in the presence of a real oceanic dinosaur.


animatronic marine animal

AA-059 Sea World Summer Holiday Exhibition Animatronic Animal Megalodon