Meet a Dinosaur in the Theatre

It’s one thing to see a dinosaur in a movie or on TV. But viewing these massive creatures lumbering and lurching in a live show is a much more visceral and thrilling experience. In a theatre, you know that you could reach out and touch them. And, deep down, you might fear that they could reach out and touch you.

A great example of a theatrical presentation with dinosaurs is Dinosaur Zoo Live. Erth Visual & Physical, an entertainment company that’s based in Sydney, Australia, has developed this spectacular production. A number of paleontologists have served as consultants, ensuring that the humongous puppets are true to the scientific record. Thus, they move and breathe just as their real-life counterparts did.


dinosaur zoo live
During this show, which runs in venues across the globe, an actress playing a paleontologist introduces a parade of prehistoric fauna. Out stroll a hadrosaur, a T-Rex, and many more. There are meat eaters and plant eaters; there are babies and adults. There’s even a fight scene that must be seen to be believed. Best of all, young volunteers from the audience can go up and pet their new dino buddies!

If you catch this performance or one like it, you might get bitten by the show business bug. In fact, you might want to put on a show yourself. If you run a museum, a retail establishment, or another business, it could be a great way to advertise your brand and draw in dino-loving customers. Plus, creating this theatre presentation will let you bond with colleagues, employees, or volunteers from the community.

My Dinosaurs can get your show up on its feet. This company’s gorgeous products are ideal for cavorting in front of a crowd. Its life-size T-Rex modelwalking costume, and dino shoulder puppet are stunningly faithful to the genuine articles.


Dinosaur Shoulder Puppet 1

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These products have skin with realistic colors and textures. They roar and snarl convincingly. Their teeth are sharp and shiny, and their movements are varied. They can swing their tails, turn their heads, blink, scratch, and walk. They can also open and close their mouths. And, thanks to the durable materials they’re made of, these products can last for a long time.

Who knows what your theatrical future holds? Maybe you’ll be onstage introducing dinosaurs to an astonished crowd. Perhaps you’ll be backstage, helping to organize the sets, props, and sound effects. Or maybe you’ll remain in the audience, happy just to be entertained. Whichever experience you choose, once a growling dinosaur has stared right at you, you’ll never look at museum fossils the same way again.