Would You Marry a Dinosaur? — One of the Best Wedding Ceremony Ideas

Most people expect a unique wedding ceremony because for them, this may be the most precious and special moment in their life. Rather than organize a traditional ceremony with sweet videos and touching vows, would you ever think of surprising your bride/groom with a realistic dinosaur costume? This really happened when a young lady from Chicago wore the whole dinosaur costume making her appearance in front of her groom. And he was totally startled.



Last fall, Tom Gardner was surprised before he got married, when he turned to discover that his bride had been replaced by T-Rex.

Photographer Paul Seiler grabbed this moment before the bald island wedding. Gardner, standing on the dock, wanted to see his bride, Elizabeth Rex Hendry in a fantastic wedding dress. He must have imagined this moment for such a long time, ever since he fell in love with her. But he underestimated the bride’s creativity and the wicked sense of humor. He saw a chubby, stumble dinosaur walking towards him instead of his future wife.

Hendry from Chicago had an idea to surprise her groom back to her childhood. She said the reason why she chose to dress up like a T-Rex is that her mother’s maiden name and her middle name are both “Rex.”

“I thought it would be funny to wear the costume on the day I would go from a Rex/Hundley to a Gardner,” she said. “I even had my bridesmaids take pictures of me the day before the wedding holding a sign that said: ‘Today a Rex, tomorrow a Gardner.’

“I’m also just obsessed with the T-Rex as a result of my name. I have so many T-Rex items around my house!”

In one of Tom Gardner’s Facebook posts, he wrote that he “was totally floored when I turned around and saw her in this.”



Hendry wore her white wedding dress under the dinosaur costume. After taking off the costume, they both burst into laughter.

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Anyway, marriage is not a scary game. What is essential is the creativity and delight and a hint of humor towards life. No one knows what life will be like after marriage, but as long as it is living with THIS person full of creativity and sense of humor, life won’t be too hard.