How to Make Dinosaur Scenes in Movies

For decades, animatronic dinosaurs and other special effects have brought ancient beasts back to life on the silver screen.

Have you ever been really inspired by a dinosaur movie? If so, you might want to make your own. You’ll just need a camera, some friends who love acting, high-quality editing software, and a lifelike animatronic dinosaurs prop.


The Famous Dinosaur Superstars


Since the early days of cinema, models and animatronic dinosaurs in movie scenes have kept audiences spellbound.

The creators of “King Kong” (1933) moved little dinosaur figures by hand and filmed them one frame at a time.

“The Land That Time Forgot” (1975), which is set during World War I, is about German sailors and British prisoners landing on a continent where dinosaurs live. This movie relied heavily on hand puppets.

For its part, “Jurassic Park” (1993) set new standards for Hollywood magic. Director Steven Spielberg combined breakthrough computer-generated dinosaurs with robotics for an immersive spectacle: an amusement park where dinos run amok.


Dinosaur Scenes in Movies


Getting in the Director’s Chair for your own Dinosaur Movie


You might want to make a dinosaur film yourself. It could advertise your business, teach your students, or just let you have some fun. In any case, you’ll want spiffy dinosaur effects to wow your viewers.

You could search the internet for computer-generated dinosaur footage. Some stock video websites charge fees; others will let you use their clips for free.

Once you have a series of clips, you can film your actors walking around outside. Your performers can also stand in front of a solid green background. They can pretend to see dinosaurs, and they can look amazed or terrified. Then you can use editing software to blend the footage of your actors with your stock footage, making it appear as though you’ve whisked those people back in time.


Dinosaur Scenes in Movie


Look online for filmmaking software programs, and read reviews by experts. Your software should allow you to edit your movie, add music and sound effects, manage your special effects, and color correct your film. It should be affordable, comprehensive, and easy to use.

In addition, an outstanding model manufacturer like MyDinosaurs can supply you with life-size dinos. These models are extremely detailed and realistic. They’re ideal for intimate and exciting scenes.

Imagine filming an actor crouching behind a bush. Suddenly, a mighty MyDinosaurs T-Rex is standing right there. Its chest pulsates with each breath. Its merciless eyes blink; its tail sways. Then it turns its head and opens its massive jaws. Pointy teeth gleam under the lights. At this point, your viewers may be covering their eyes. Yes, animatronic dinosaurs in movie scenes can be really intense.

For a more peaceful scene with an animatronic dinosaurs prop, you could have one of your characters meet a Paralititan. A Paralititan is an herbivore with an incredibly long neck. Its soulful eyes and adorable round head are captivating.

Are you ready to write your script, cast your performers, and choose your animatronic dinosaurs? You might not win an Oscar, but you’re sure to delight everyone who sees your movie.