How to Make Dinosaur Resurrection in Halloween Night

Any New Ideas in Halloween Night?

Tired of the same old Halloween? Everyone loves the spooky fall celebrations, but only so many ways to make mummies, witches, and zombies scary on a budget year after year. Here’s an idea for a fun, spooky, and unique party that will have your guests marking their calendars for next year!


Celebrate Halloween with dinosaur costume or Animatronic dinosaurs may be a good idea.


The Lore idea of Dinosaurs

Your evening will circle around a terrifying tale of a dinosaur attack. On Halloween night every year, a few dinosaurs are resurrected in the most haunted town of that year. This year it’s your town and you and all of your guests need to be wary of the dinosaurs as they could show up at any moment. If you’re playing this game with children, this could be a good opportunity to tell them to be quiet or the dinosaurs will come and attack!

Halloween Night dinosaur


Costume with Dinosaur Theme

First, you’re going to need to find a dinosaur costume for Halloween. You can find the orange, inflatable ones online pretty easily, or you could think a little outside the box! Try going for the look of the Archaeologists in Jurassic Park. No reason to sweat all night when the vibe can be just as strong in cargo shorts!


Halloween dinosaur suit 2

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Halloween Dinosaur Decorations

This is also a wonderful opportunity to decorate home with dinosaurs in Halloween fun! Small plastic figures, drawings, cardboard cutouts, dinosaurs carved into jack-o-lanterns, the works! Here are a few fun craft ideas for decorating your dino house:


1) Remember the jellybean trails of Easter morning leading to your sweet-smelling, candy-filled basket? What about a trail of dinosaur footprints?! Try this easy craft as you would make a dough for prints of a small child. Two cups of flour, half a cup of salt, then mix in amply warmed water. Feel free to stretch your creative muscles while making the imprint of a dinosaur foot – size and shape are totally at your discretion.

jellybean dinosaur
2) A similar tactic can be used to make dinosaur print cookies! Just make your favorite cookie recipe (or your guests’ favorite), and put little marks in the middle like a dinosaur foot. For added sugar and visual flair, fill the divot with colored icing.

dinosaur cookies


3) Try making dinosaur origami! There are many, many patterns online with helpful tutorials to follow for this type of craft, and even if you can’t find one you like, try making one for a more conventional animal, then re-shaping the head, or coloring it green. The sky’s the limit!

dinosaur origami


4) The feeling of squishy Play-Doh in your hands is unforgettable and unmatched in pleasure. This stuff is perfect for making dinosaurs to put all over your house, and best of all, you’ll probably have some willing helpers! Best of all, Play-Doh can be hardened by baking, so you’ll have your ancient, extinct treasures forever! Just put it in a preheated 200 degree (Fahrenheit) oven for five minutes, check, and remove! Then you are free to prance around the house placing dinosaurs everywhere you go.

squishy Play Doh


5) Around spooky season, depending on where you live, there may be discarded birds’ nests around your home. These would make perfect resting places for some decorated boiled eggs! Decide what you want your dinosaur eggs to look like, then let loose!

birds' nests


Now that your house is absolutely covered with dinosaurs, let the fun begin! Try some exciting games, and tell scary stories. Most important of all, have fun and let your imagination rule the Halloween day with dinosaurs.