How to Maintain the Dinosaur Models

There are various ways to Maintain Animatronic dinosaur models and make the items last long. The presence of a quality safety personality on the ground is a must to keep track of it. Preventing electrical fire issues and scratch or torn by tourists can easily elevate the lifespan of the dinosaur models way too long. Avoid using sharp objects around the model and the park owners must maintain a fence or railing for protecting the models well from the visitors.


Kind of issues that might destroy animatronics dinosaur:

There are some serious problems, which might destroy the expensive and hard-worked out animatronic dinosaur models. So, proper Dinosaur model maintenance from time to time is indeed necessary. Before that, let’s just learn about the kind of issues that might destroy the animatronics dinosaur now.




  1. Electrical issues:

While dealing with animatronics, chances are high that there are various wires and electrical lines involved. Improper maintenance of such wiring can cause electrical defects, leading to unwanted fires. That will destroy the entire park within hours.

  1. Scratch or tearing the body:

Some visitors are pretty uncivilized to not just touch the animatronics but to experiment with it by scratching on the body with sharp objects. The materials might be strong but cannot withstand sharp objects. So, any form of scratch or tear from using those sharp objects can destroy the model completely.

  1. Sun or rain exposure:

Some of the outdoor-based animatronic dinosaurs will be more prone to harsh UV rays and rain. Well, these natural instances are enough to hurt the build and structure of the models, after a certain time.


Ways to maintain Animatronics Dinosaur Models to avoid damage:

There are some simple ways to answer questions like how to maintain dinosaur models. Proper maintenance will improve service life and will reduce failure incidents.

  1. Make sure to not keep any sharp objects near the dinosaur skin. It can easily poke through the skin and damage the surface materials.
  2. The park owners must create a barrier between the dinosaur models and the uncivilized visitors by using a railing or fence around the main model.
  3. Remember to keep the audio and control box under a proper shade. Never leave then exposed outdoors as that will deteriorate the condition even more.
  4. Always take extra preventive measures to take caution from fire. Always keep the dinosaur model body with the help of a sponge, well moistened with detergent.
  5. Remember to transform and upgrade the dinosaurs with the help of a qualified maintenance team, straight from MyDinosaurs, on a regular basis.


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What to Do If the Dinosaur Models Were Destroyed?

It is really important to get in touch with the technical professional maintenance team with the proper experience to handle the situation from its core. You can even call the manufacturer of the dinosaur as well, for checking and repairing the model to make it last longer, and as good as new. Get in touch with the reputed team and get them to work on the broken material.

Actually, many people realized the importance of selecting a professional dinosaur manufacturer when the devices are destroyed! Because this is big trouble. And this is why MyDinosaurs is outstanding in the simulation dinosaur industry.

  1. MyDinosaurs is professional on all kinds of simulation models manufacturing, we provide all kinds of high-quality sun-proof, waterproof and snow-proof dinosaur models, animals, and so on.
  2. We will offer on-site maintenance training and will install the model on your behalf.
  3. You will receive a warranty between 24 and 60 months on every product, or alongside lifetime maintenance service.



So, if you have any plan to open up your own dinosaur-themed park, contacting the team from My Dinosaurs seems to be the first step to consider. Welcome to contact the team for free quotes on their items.