If You Like Dinosaurs, The New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science Is the Place to Go

The New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science is a natural history and science museum in Albuquerque, New Mexico near Old Town Albuquerque. The Museum was founded in 1986.

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The New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science consists of a museum, a planetarium and the Lockheed Martin Dynatheater, which offers digital 3D films on a five-story high screen. The museum preserves and interprets the distinctive natural and scientific heritage of the state of New Mexico through extraordinary collections, research and exhibits.

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The Museum’s permanent exhibit halls illustrate a journey through time, covering the birth of the Universe (≈13.6 billion years ago) to the Ice Age(≈10,000 years ago). The eight journey through time halls are as follows: Origins, Dawn of the Dinosaurs, Jurassic Super Giants, New Mexico’s Seacoast, Age of Volcanoes, Evolving Grassland, Cave Experience and New Mexico’s Ice Age.

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The Jurassic Super Giants exhibit features the complete skeletons of Seismosaurus, Saurophaganax, Stegosaurus, and one leg of a Brachiosaurus. In the museum’s atrium is the skeleton of Stan, a Tyrannosaurus rex measuring forty feet (≈12.2 meters) in length and twelve feet (≈3.7 meters) in height, the second largest T. rex ever found.

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Bronze statues of two dinosaurs, a Pentaceratops named “Spike” and an Albertosaurus named “Alberta”, stand at the entrance. Many dinosaur fossils have been found in New Mexico, and a few of the ones on display in the museum are only known from New Mexico.

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If you want to get more information about the museum and its exhibitions, link up with the following links: http://www.nmnaturalhistory.org/.

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