Legendary Creature – Unicorn

Unicorns are fictional creatures in Western mythology. They are shaped like white horses with a spiral horn on their foreheads. Their horns have magical powers. The powder ground from the horns can detoxify all kinds of poisons. Taking the powder can resist diseases, prevent all poisons from invading them, and even bring them back to life. The blood of unicorns also has the ability to cure diseases and even bring back the dead, but it is said that as long as you drink its blood, you will defile this pure creature, you will be cursed, and you can only live like a walking dead from now on.

In the West, unicorns represent noble pride and purity. In Harry Potter, both the tail hair and horns of unicorns can be used to make potions (such as beauty agents). Unicorns have strong tail hairs that can be used to bandage wounded animals. Wands that can also be made from unicorn tail hairs, such wands are difficult to use black magic and can be made into the most loyal wands. Its blood is silvery-white and can last life. Dying people drink unicorn blood to save their lives and gain immortality, but the drinker will be cursed forever, and Voldemort drank unicorn blood to prolong life.

Legendary Creature   Unicorn

“My Little Pony” is an American cartoon series. The protagonist Twilight Sparkle is a pony with little horns. She can use his horns to perform various magic. She is a princess representing magic and friendship.

My Little Pony

“The Chronicles of Narnia” is one of the three major Western fantasy novels. The author C.S Lewis wrote unicorns in a large amount of space, especially in “The Last Battle”, unicorns have become a symbol of light and end. The unicorn treasure in the book is docile in character, noble in manner, respects dignity, and dares to fight.

The Chronicles of Narnia

In Chinese mythology, unicorns are called dragon horses, which are auspicious things. It only appears when fulfilling an important mission, when it appears as a symbol of the Belle Époque.

dragon horse

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