What Is The Largest Dinosaur In British Museum?

After 101 million years in the making, Titanosaurus Patago has arrived at the Natural History Museum in London, the home of the dinosaurs. This is a fun interactive exhibit where visitors will touch, feel, and walk under a 2.67-ton model of Titanosaurus Patago, the most complete giant dinosaur ever discovered, while we learn about how giant creatures exist on earth. Hand-drawn illustrations, based on our scientists’ knowledge of Cretaceous flora and fauna, provide a striking backdrop for Titanosaurus, creating a fascinating setting to learn about this remarkable creature.


What Is The Largest Dinosaur In British Museum

Dr Alex Burch, Director of Public Programmes says, ‘Since the term dinosaur was coined back in 1842 by the founding director of the Natural History Museum, these ‘terrible lizards’ have captured the imaginations of children everywhere. These awe-inspiring giants entice children to science and inspire them about the natural world – helping them become advocates for the planet from an early age. Learning that birds are living dinosaurs is an amazing entry to evolution – at any age!’ 
‘Throughout the exhibition we explore how these relatively unknown dinosaurs were able to exist at such an astonishing size and hope visitors will revel with the childlike delight that comes with standing next to a creature like Patagotitan. To see it is to be humbled by the sheer majesty and dynamism of the natural world.’

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Titanosaurs were the largest animals to walk on Earth, and Patagotian mayorum was one of the largest known titanosaurs. The live animal weighed approximately 57 tons, which is roughly the equivalent of 8 T-Rex! Find out which predators are brave enough to try and take down this 37-meter-long titan (as evidenced by the bite marks on its tail!) in a two-player game of defense and attack, before trying to stride with a titanosaur I stretched my legs on the gallery floor and took a selfie next to the 2.38-meter-tall femur fossil.

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The Patagotian needs to eat more than 129 kilograms of plants every day. This is approximately equivalent to 516 heads of lettuce. Step inside the body of a titanosaur and see how its heart pumps blood throughout its body, fills its lungs with air to see how it breathes with such a huge neck and squeezes food through its gut to see how the disposal of food piles up.

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