What You Should Know When Holding an Exhibition of Animatronic Animals

When you plan to hold a large exhibition of animatronic animals (or animatronic dinosaurs or animatronic insects), here are something you should know and pay attention to. That will help you guarantee you success and quality of your exhibition.
1. Safety first. In the exhibitions of animatronic animals, these animals will be connected to electricity, so that they can move and roar. Therefore, we must maintain safety standards when dealing with electricity. We should know how much power is needed based on the number of the animatronic displays or whether the wiring layout is reasonable and correct to ensure there are no electrical faults. It is suggested that the wiring work should be done by professional electrical certified personnel.

Exhibition of Animatronic Animals

Life Size Animatronic Animal for Exhibition

2. The animatronic exhibits could be dangerous. Some people say that the animatronic exhibits can bite visitors, and this did happen before. The exhibits such as the animatronic dinosaurs, the animatronic insects, the animatronic animals produced by My Dinosaur Culture and Arts Co., Ltd. are moving exhibits with teeth. If you put your hand into the mouth of an animal or a dinosaur, it may bite you. This problem is easily overlooked and there must be good security regulations to prevent dangerous things happening.

Exhibition of Animatronic Animals1

Animatronic Dinosaur for Exhibition

3. Campaign promotion and controlling the flow of Visitors. A good exhibition usually brings a lot of visitors. Placing the exhibits to the right place doesn’t guarantee a successful exhibition. When there are a large number of visitors, the flow path through the exhibition area must be planned first, and entrance and the exit should be clear enough in the exhibition area.

Exhibition of Animatronic Animals12

Animatronic Animal Exhibition 

4. How do we promote our exhibition? In the early stages of our exhibition planning, we should make extensive efforts towards this, to let more people know about it. For example, we can publish some online advertisements, promote it on social media, or send out some event flyers.

Exhibition of Animatronic Animals14

Giant Animatronic Insect Exhibition 

5. Choose a supplier with extensive capabilities. Zigong My Dinosaurs Culture and Arts Co., Ltd. is a highly professional manufacturer of animatronic models. We have specialized in this filed for 20 years and always dedicated to produce the animatronic models in high quality with reasonable prices. Welcome to contact us for your exhibitions of animatronic animals, animatronic dinosaurs or animatronic insects.