Jurassic World: 10 Best Dinosaur Attractions

Dinosaurs are an interesting topic to every human being. The prehistoric beings are a part of a question of the world and its wonders. As soon as fossils were being found of the huge animals, people were intrigued by the life that they must have had. Fossils and new information about dinosaurs are still being found today, and it keeps on making everyone excited. The most famous franchise that we can talk about is Jurassic Park. Michael Crichton was the author of the novel, but Universal Studios made it a reality for every kid that was part of the 90’s. Everyone was pumped up to see a movie based on a faulty theme park. The trilogy of the initial films was quite popular among people, and now there is a spin-off series called the Jurassic World. The fifth edition Jurassic World: the Fallen Kingdom will release in 2018, and everyone is pumped for it.

So, if people love Jurassic Park, then they surely have to like theme parks and museums that are dedicated to dinosaurs. In the park, there is often life-sized dinosaurs and other attractions whereas in museums they have fossils, bones and other things related to the pre-historic life. So, a list of dinosaur attraction has been made for the people who can’t just get over the amazing dinosaurs.

10 Places to visit for any dinosaur fan:

This park is a must go for people who love the Jurassic Park movies. The park has been designed by keeping them in mind and has all types of fun for children and adult alike. There are fossils of the dinosaurs that used to roam our Earth including that of a T-Rex. One can also do a fun DNA test to see the type of dinosaur that they would have been. Children can even enjoy the dinosaur eggs.

Discovery Center

One of the best parks to know about different types of dinosaurs that existed! They have trails that lead people to full-sized dinosaurs that are built with minute details. It is quite unbelievable that the park has 220 life-sized dinosaur figures in their premises. They also have a 148 foot Seismosaurus. The dinosaur tracks stretch more than 37,000 feet.

Dinosaur Park, Münchehagen, Germany

  • Dinosaurs Alive At King Island, Ohio, USA

The park is situated in the largest amusement park in the Midwest and has made amazing efforts to bring dinosaurs alive. They have almost 65 life-sized animatronic dinosaur figurines that line the area of 12 acres. There is also a dig site where people can experience the fun of being a paleontologist. One can always go there to have the fun of amusement park and the dino world.

Dinosaurs Alive At King Island

This is a marvelous park based in Istanbul with all the experiences of a dinosaur life. They have museums with ancient bones and also has several displays to explain the lives of dinosaurs. They also have a 4D movie theatre to give the best experience. Also, 70 animatronic dinosaurs are present, and one can play dino laser tag in the park.
Jurassic Land, Istanbul, Turkey

The museum holds some of the richest treasures in history when it comes to dinosaurs. There are fossils and 160 million worth of information that one can look forward to. One can go there to gain the real knowledge of dinosaurs and see the marvelous. Several events are also held on the museum premises. Along with dinosaurs, this place has a collection of rich historical artifacts and exhibits that hail from places all over the world.

Natural History Museum, London, United Kingdom

There are dinosaur trails in the premises of the park that contains many pre-historic animals. There are also adventurous rides and activities that one can opt for. There is also a paleontologist’s tent to learn for them the history of dinosaurs and their lives. There is also a life-sized T-Rex present in the park.

Dinosaur Adventure, Norfolk, United Kingdom

A museum based on the historical finding of people has to be fun. This place is very famous for the sheer amount of fossils that they have gathered. Right now they have over 130,000 fossils which would be amazing to look at. Some of the rarest skeletons are in this place along with their 40 mounted skeletons. This place is amazing to dive into knowing about dinosaurs a little bit more.

Royal Tyrrell Museum

This is a gallery of dinosaur skeleton which is artistic in every nature. They have several of the dinosaurs that are placed on the premises including Stan the T-Rex and Ben the Plateosaurus. They also have many exhibitions throughout the year and them expertise in monkeys.

The Museum of Natural Sciences, Brussels, Belgium

You can have a firsthand glimpse of an excavation site because the museum is located atop the Dashanpu fossil site. You can witness 18 complete skeletons, footprints, skin fossils and other prehistoric exhibits. More than seven million people per year visit China.

Zigong Dinosaurs Museum, China

Children should always be taught to have a knack for history, and this is the best place to do so. This place houses some of the rarest exhibits when it comes to dinosaurs and prehistoric life. One can see a specimen of a Gorgosaur that had a brain tumor which is quite interesting. They also have a display of mummified dinosaurs on their premises.

The Children's Museum of Indianapolis

So, through these parks, adults and children can both learn their share about dinosaurs. Museums are always the place to learn about history, but theme parks can also excite children to know about them more. So, it is always great to engage yourselves in these things to have a tonne of knowledge about the world that existed before homo sapiens ruled.